Medical Simulation

Liverpool Hospital Emergency Department

Here at Liverpool Emergency Department we understand the benefit of Emergency medicine Siumlation training in improving our skill sets in communication, management of the critically ill and disaster management.

Together with UNSW Medical School we have access to high fidelity Simulation Training facilities which we aim to utilise into the training of our medical staff.

If you are interested in Medical Simulation Training then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

We believe that regular On-The-Floor Simulations can enhance the communication and skillset of our medical staff and we encourage the use of the MERIT Simulation Training where possible.

MERIT Simulation = On-the-floor mini simulations targeting core emergency principles.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Liverpool Emergency department has developed its own  “Liverpool Protocol” when needing to manage the critically ill COVID 19 +Ve patient.

CART Training = regular Simulations aimed at improving the airway skills and experience in medical staff for the management of the critically ill COVID +Ve patient to reduce contamination and maximise treatment.

Liverpool Emergency Department works alongside UNSW on a regular basis and are invlved in the education and training of the latest generation of Emergency Doctors via the use of the High Fidelity simulations.